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Diary - Healthy Homemade Food & Drinks


Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival 3-4th May
Spring Festival of Markets 21st May - 7th June
Glastonbury Festival 24-28th June
Beathurder Festival 17-19th July
Deershed Festival 24-26th July
Kendal Calling 30th July - 2nd August
Ramsbottom Festival 18-20th September
Gwledd Conwy Feast 24-25th Oct
Manchester Christmas Market 14th Nov - 21st Dec


Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival 4-5th May
Spring of Markets Manchester 22nd May - 8th June
Glastonbury Festival 25-30th June
Sparkle Manchester 12-13th July
Manchester Jazz Festival 18-27th July
Beathurder Festival 18-20th July
Deershed Festival 25-27th July
Kendal Calling 1-3rd August
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 22-25th August
Ramsbottom Festival 19-21st September
Manchester Christmas Market 14th Nov - 21st Dec


Eastnor Castle Chilli Festival 5-6th May
Turton Tower 27th May
Park Life Manchester 8-9th June
The Cholmondeley Pageant 14-16th June
Africa Oye 22-23rd June
Glastonbury Festival 26-30th June
Beathurder Festival 5-7th July
Sparkle Manchester 13th July
Deershed Festival 19-21st July
Kendal Calling 26-28th July
Manchester Jazz Festival 26th July-4th August
Manchester Art and Crafts Bar 1st-11th August
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 23-26th August
Number 6 Festival 13-15th September
Feast Manchester 18-29th September
York Food and Drink Festival 20-29th September
Conwy Food and Drink Festival 26-27th October
Manchester Christmas Market 15th Nov -22nd Dec


Eastor Chilli Fest 6-7th May
Rugby MR7s Manchester 18-20th May
CragFest 25-27th May
Builth Fest 1-3rd June
StAnnes Bar & Cafe Manchester 8-24th June
Beathurder Festival 29-1st July
Americana Festival 5-9th July
Sparkle Festival 14th July
DeerShed Festival 20-22July
Kendal Calling 27-29th July
Manchester Arts & Crafts 2-12th August
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 24-27th August
York Food and Drink Festival 21st-30th September
Manchester Feast 26th-Sept-7th Oct
Conwy Food and Drink Festival 27th-28th October
Manchester Christmas Market 17 Nov - 23 Dec


Liverpool International Fayre 31st March - 3rd April
East Anglia Game and Country Show 16th - 17th April
Kendal International Street Festival 22nd - 25th April
Liverpool Flower Market 29th April - 8th May
Aberdeen international Street Festival 6th - 8th May
Liverpool Uni Square 12th May
Durham Street Festival 12th - 15th May
Africa Oye 18th - 19th May
Friends of Mine Festival 20th - 22nd May
Spring Market St Anne’s Square Manchester 18th May - 5th June
Turton Tower 30th May
Birmingham Street Festival 9th - 19th June
Glastonbury Festival 24th - 26th June
Beathurder Festival 1st - 3rd July
T in the Park 8th - 10th July
Sparkle Manchester 9th July
Kendal Calling 29th July - 1st August
Arts and Crafts Market Manchester 5th - 14th August
Chilli Festival Cumbria 13th - 14th August
V Festival 19th - 21st August
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 26th - 28th August
Manchester Feast 5th - 16th October
Manchester Christmas Market 17th Nov - 20th Dec
Liverpool Christmas Market 24th Nov - 19th Dec


  • Mangorays do it again in Manchester!

    The 4th consecutive year Best Bar 2012

  • In the heart of Manchester Mango Rays luxury Christmas Bars are perfectly placed for that indulgence, when you want to spoil yourself in the middle of a shop or on a night out with a Christmas drink.

  • With award winning service and menu we hope you will not be disappointed.

    Albert Square and Exchange Square

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